“How to sustain an effective S&OP process and keep Sales committed?”

This was the central theme of the S&OP Professionals meeting on June 19th. Twice per year Involvation facilitates these interactive sessions of professionals in the field of S&OP.  Goal is to exchange experiences in S&OP, learn from each other and create a network of S&OP practitioners. This time we had a broad participation of representatives from companies like Philips, FujiFilm, Canon, Pepsico, Henkel and many others.

The session was hosted by Philips Innovation Services (PINS) at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. We started with a guided tour at the Philips test facility where some innovations and applications inside and outside Philips were demonstrated.

SOP ProfessionalsTheme of the workshop was “How to sustain an effective S&OP process and keep Sales committed?” In an interactive session, best practices and main bottlenecks of the participating companies where discussed and projected on Involvation’s S&OP change model. It was interesting to see how different types of organisations handle similar topics like Sales engagement and S&OP effectiveness. Very useful to exchange these experiences.

Last part of the session focused on assessing S&OP quality and maturity. In a real case study, Jeroen Scheepers of Involvation showed how you can assess your S&OP process in an effective and efficient way and how you can compare different business units. Everyone agreed that the pre-conditions for a useful assessment are: 1) clear S&OP objectives  2) an independent view and 3) a focus that not only includes S&OP-process and IT-tooling, but also the commitment and understanding of stakeholders.

The constructive workshop was closed with a drink at the Grand Café The Colour Kitchen at the High Tech Campus. We thank Philips for their hospitality! The next session of the S&OP Professionals will be planned in October 2017.

For more information please contact Hans van der Drift,  h.vddrift@involvation.com

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