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Multi-layer planning in fashion

Fashion company Stichd has an extremely complex planning process. To help the company get a grip on its multi-dimensional supply chain, Involvation set up an advanced planning system consisting of no fewer than eight planning layers.

Improved end-to-end planning for better results in Cosun Beet Company

Our client, Cosun Beet Company (formerly known as Suiker Unie), is one of the most efficient sugar beet processing companies in Europe. They develop, produce and sell sugar and sugar specialities for the bulk industry and Consumer Products industry. All components of the sugar beet are used, nothing is wasted.

Why does sales & operational planning (S&OP) make sense for a logistics service provider?

“S&OP helps us to seize growth opportunities” – Sabine Zijderlaan Typical S&OP topics: Scaling capacity up and down proactively Responding to expectations faster Providing transparency into workload & priorities Agreeing on when to stimulate or hold back customer demand Aligning execution with strategy