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First hybrid IBP Boost Camp was a great success

First hybrid IBP Boost Camp was a great success

As always, this year’s IBP Boost Camp was based on the concept of “learning by doing”: hardly any PowerPoints but getting to work yourself in a realistic but virtual environment. Participants from very diverse companies including Albert Heijn, FrieslandCampina, Nexperia, Brocacef, Shimano, Stedin and Puratos tested their S&OP / IBP skills in “The Cool Connection”, Involvation's new IBP simulation. 


Steep learning curve through hands-on learning 

This open program is based on two powerful learning principles, guaranteeing a steep learning curve: 


1. 70-20-10:  
  • 70% of all learning happens through application in practice. In IBP Boost Camp, this is hugely accelerated by applying IBP in the business simulation “The Cool Connection”. 
  • 20% of all learning happens through coaching and feedback. In IBP Boost Camp, participants go through seven S&OP / IBP cycles in one week, with targeted feedback in between.
  • Only 10% of all learning happens through formal training. In IBP Boost Camp, the essential theory is covered by e-learning beforehand and short presentations between the IBP cycles. The teams can apply these learnings directly in the simulation. Schermafbeelding 2022-04-28 om 17-18-08-1
2. The “Magic Circle”:
  • The power of the “Magic Circle” also lies in learning by doing, amplified by structured feedback cycles from IBP experts. 
  • In each IBP cycle, the teams are thrown in at the deep end, experience what works and what does not and are subsequently coached to a higher level. 

Heineken’s IBP journey 

During the physical workshop, it once again became apparent that Change Management is the biggest challenge for successfully realising IBP. In an inspiring session Igor Kuettschreutter, Global S&OP Manager at Heineken, showed what it takes to successfully roll out IBP in a global concern. Next to applying IBP in The Cool Connection, the Heineken presentation was another highlight of this training program. 


Fresh Connection 2022

Many new insights 

During the closing drinks, possible for the first time after two years of virtual workshops, it turned out that the participants had gained a lot of new insights. Lessons learned showed big differences between the participants, depending on their companies and current S&OP maturity levels. It obviously makes quite a difference whether you are a retailer, a vendor or an infrastructure company. Equal for everyone: the road to IBP may be long, but it leads to a highly valuable dot on the horizon! 


If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got
Albert Einstein