High Impact Blended Learning: variation works!!

This summer we were visited by Prof. Dr. Filip Dochy (University of Leuven / Maastricht University), the leading authority on learning & development. His conclusion about achieving High Impact Learning: variation works!! We have continued working on this theme the latter part of the year and we have developed a new concept to enable Supply Chain learning, a high impact blended learning environment.

The changing world

We are convinced that employees need to develop themselves continuously and that this will only become more important in the future since the world changes rapidly and will continue to do so. Which Supply Chain professional hasn’t heard the term VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) lately? Besides, the global competition increases the need for speed and collaboration in the supply chain. This fast changing, uncertain world forces organisations and their employees to work and learn in a different way.



Roadmap for continuous learning Supply Chain

Organisation’s objectives

Every organisation is different. Objectives differ, not only from organisation to organisation but also over time. Growth might be the emphasis (in terms of revenue, profit or market share), efficiency (lower costs, less working capital) or satisfying customers and/or employees? Current objectives can and will be outdated next year. As companies change continuously, their employees need to develop continuously as well.

Enable to improve

Something needs to happen in order to achieve the company’s objectives in this ever-changing world. We believe that employees are the key. But how can we make sure that employees initiate change, implement and sustain it? To enable employees to improve, you need to create a “high impact, continuous learning environment”. But how can you do this?

Our approach


One of the pillars of our approach is the famous 70/20/10 rule. 90% of what you learn happens in an informal setting, either by simply doing your job (70%) or from colleagues (20%). How can you use this 90% in a more effective way? We believe in a learning environment that is tailored, blended and measured.

Blending on different aspects

  • We believe that variation works. Therefore we create a learning environment with “blends” on different aspects:
  • Face-to-face training and online
  • Hard and soft skills
  • Theory and practice (learning on the job)
  • Learning by experience (games like The Fresh Connection, Supply Chain Game, etc.)
  • Communities
  • Formal and informal
  • Synchronous and a-synchronous
  • Etc.
If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got
Albert Einstein