Peter Tielemans appointed member of Program commission TKI Dinalog

The logistics sector is one of the economic areas in which The Netherlands has a world-wide leading position for decades. In 2010 the Dutch Government appointed the Logistics sector as one of the nine Dutch Topsectors with a focus for further development to strengthen it’s position. In TKI Dinalog (The Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics) the Dutch government, business and knowledge institutes collaborate in executing the innovation agenda of the Topsector Logistics. TKI Dinalog takes an active role in supporting public private partnerships in setting up innovation programs. The program management monitors the governance, knowledge development, valorisation and knowledge transfer to account for government investments in R&D transparently.

Innovation and development roadmaps are defined in the areas such as supply chain coordination, human capital development by education and training, and data-driven logistics.

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The program commission is appointed by the executive board of TKI Dinalog and consists of representatives of the Dutch government, industry and logistics businesses, and knowledge institutes. The program commission is brought together to combine knowledge of actual developments in Logistics and Supply Chain Management both from a business and an academic perspective. With this background, the program commission advises the TKI executive board on strategic directions. In addition, the program commission has an active role in advising on granting project budgets by prioritising and evaluating research and innovation project proposals within the logistics programs of Dinalog and the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

For more information please reach out to Peter Tielemans

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