Digital planning: a pack for the e-cigarette

It’s as if everyone’s talking about digital planning nowadays. That might seem pretty strange, because has there ever been such a thing as non-digital planning? Yes, once upon a time… decades ago, long before Excel’s predecessors became available. But since then, I’ve rarely come across any planners who prefer the proverbial back-of-a-cigarette-packet calculations overmodern computer software. If Excel doesn’t go far enough, standard tools ...

Rising gas prices: the art of anticipation in a changing environment

The unprecedented increases in energy prices continue to make headlines across Europe. Over the coming year, consumers could end up paying 50% more for gas and electricity. The effects on businesses are also becoming clear; a number of manufacturers of products including artificial fertilizer and aluminium have already scaled back their production activities because the energy costs are simply too high. The seemingly sudden onset of this...

Trend diner presentation: Digital planning, hype or trend?

Digital planning, hype or trend? Looking back on the Supply Chain Trend Dinner 2021: Consultant Peter Tielemans on digital planning    During this year’s Supply Chain Trend Dinner 2021 on 26 August, various experts once again brought the attendees up to date on the current and future trends in supply chain management. Peter Tielemans, a supply chain consultant at Involvation, was one of the speakers. In his presentation, he talked about why...

IBP and the power of one plan

With a crystal-clear objective, motivated teams, an effective process and – of course – the right resources, organizations can achieve great things. Various pharma companies have developed, gained approval for and manufactured effective vaccines against COVID-19 with unprecedented speed and on a scale that was previously considered impossible. This is a terrific example of what can be done when everyone works towards the same goal. 

Integrated Business Planning is now more important than ever!

“Now, absolutely everyone’s convinced of the value of our new IBP process!” said the IBP manager to a client where we set up an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process last year. This company is gaining a competitive edge by making smart choices related to market segments, customer focus, production capacity and inventory management with a six-month horizon plus an estimation for beyond. “We would never have done this a year ago. Back...

Whole new 3D version of the Involvation Supply Chain Game (any place, any time)

At Involvation, we are strong believers in experiential learning; the active process of learning from experience successfully embeds newly acquired knowledge. Over the years we have developed more than 20 serious games and simulations for use with our customers. We have utilized this approach hundreds of times, with thousands of participants, both in consultancy projects and as part of our training services. The best-known examples are The...

The Wheel of Five: Eliminate waste of capacity, stock and time

To help organizations recognize and effectively deal with good and bad variability, Involvation has developed the Wheel of Five for Supply Chain Management. This is Part 4 in a series of five articles about the Wheel of Five.

The Wheel of Five: Manage predictable variation with effective decision-making

To help organizations recognize and effectively deal with good and bad variability, Involvation has developed the Wheel of Five for Supply Chain Management. This third part in a series of five articles is about effective decision-making.

The power of resilience: Involvation helps companies to cope with supply chain disruptions

It is now over a year ago since – with the global credit crisis still relatively fresh in people’s minds – the world suddenly went into lockdown. The COVID-19 virus created a crisis within many nations’ healthcare systems, plus the economy came close to meltdown: shops were forced to closed, factories shut down and supply chains suffered severe disruption. The current crisis has not yet passed, but it will; crises come and go. In the ‘Ready...

Behavioural change is the best medicine for resilience

The world has changed. Are we heading towards the ‘old normal’, the ‘new normal’ or the ‘new abnormal’? No one knows, but let’s focus on looking ahead and keeping it relevant. It seems that the term ‘resilience’ is suddenly being presented – and not always appropriately – as the best solution for surviving the current crisis. Thankfully, supply chain resilience (SCR) is finally getting the attention it deserves.