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Learning to deal with today’s supply chain uncertainty

Uncertainty is a fact of life within the supply chain nowadays. In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, organizations need to be resilient in order to safeguard their long-term future in the face of ever-changing circumstances. This calls for new organizational structures, but also for employees with different skills...

How a Marathon and an S&OP implementation are similar

Last spring, I ran my first marathon in Rotterdam. My goal was mainly to complete it entirely without a specific finishing time in mind. In my work, I spend a lot of time implementing Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) processes. Here too, it is mainly about a good implementation rather than a speedy one. And there are many more parallels to be...

Nurturing Excellence: How Involvation Set Up the Supply Chain Learning Program at Rituals

Supply chain development is essential for a fast-growing brand like Rituals. Building on a long-term partnership, Involvation and Rituals launched the first Rituals Supply Chain Academy in 2023. Here, Jeroen Scheepers, Partner at Involvation, explores the Academy’s co-design around Rituals’ end-to-end supply chain, and why a supply chain...

Unlocking Potential: The Significance of Employee Development at Involvation's Value Chain Academy

Employee development is essential for strong supply chains — and for your organization’s business continuity and growth. “The supply chain is the backbone of an organization. You need to get all functions, but also suppliers and customers, involved to make impact across the whole chain,” explains Stefan Hoogervorst, director of Involvation’s...

Unlocking Success in Supply Chain Learning: The Involvation-Rituals Partnership

In 2023, Involvation and Rituals launched the brand’s first bespoke talent development initiatives to advance its supply chain. This was the latest phase in a long-standing, productive collaboration: Rituals first started working with Involvation in 2016, on supply chain and business technology projects. Here, Elise Broekhuisen, Head of Supply...

IBP event shows that S&OP-IBP is top priority

The idea behind Involvation’s IBP event was to organise an interactive workshop with a small group of SOP-IBP professionals. Shortly after registration started, we found that our office building would not be big enough, indicating that IBP is high on the agenda in many companies!

Thinking in scenarios makes organizations resilient

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that organizations are vulnerable. This year, once again, we see that supply and demand are often not in balance, leading to significant impacts on service and deliveries to customers, as well as the strain on production capacity and working capital. Consequently, many organizations nowadays...

IBP or time for AI-BP?

S&OP may be a 40 year old concept, but it is developing at an increasing pace, enabled by the possibilities offered by the latest generation of Advanced Planning Systems.

From chaos to control: implementing an effective S&OE process in your organisation

Over the last years, Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE) has created a name in the supply chain playbook. Many organisations have implemented at least some sort of process and most supply chain planning tools created sub modules specifically for handling S&OE.

Multi-layer planning in fashion

Fashion company Stichd has an extremely complex planning process. To help the company get a grip on its multi-dimensional supply chain, Involvation set up an advanced planning system consisting of no fewer than eight planning layers.