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Posts about S&OP/IBP

IBP event shows that S&OP-IBP is top priority

The idea behind Involvation’s IBP event was to organise an interactive workshop with a small group of SOP-IBP professionals. Shortly after registration started, we found that our office building would not be big enough, indicating that IBP is high on the agenda in many companies!

IBP or time for AI-BP?

S&OP may be a 40 year old concept, but it is developing at an increasing pace, enabled by the possibilities offered by the latest generation of Advanced Planning Systems.

From chaos to control: implementing an effective S&OE process in your organisation

Over the last years, Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE) has created a name in the supply chain playbook. Many organisations have implemented at least some sort of process and most supply chain planning tools created sub modules specifically for handling S&OE.

Eight steps to evolve S&OP into IBP

If your company is running a robust S&OP process, then this short article should be worth reading. If not, then you may want to stop and focus on the basics first: realise short and midterm demand-supply balancing based on a demand planning process that delivers solid results. In this case you are still in good company by the way, as many...

Mobilising your organisation for IBP: agile or waterfall?

In the first blog in this series, Eight steps to evolve S&OP into IBP, we introduced a number of IBP building blocks. Useful, as we should eat the IBP elephant one bite at a time. Some of these building blocks will be a lot of work in themselves, so trying to design, build and implement them all in one big bang will certainly fail. This building...

Sales & Operations Execution prevents distractions in S&OP process

More and more companies are finding that their monthly Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) meetings largely revolve around the acute supply chain problems. As a result, they have hardly any time left to discuss medium-term issues. That’s why, during a recentWebinar Wednesday, consulting firm Involvation advocated an additional process that deals...

Multi-Dimension Planning in fashion

Fashion company Stichd has an extremely complex planning process. To help the company get a grip on its multi-dimensional supply chain, Involvation set up an advanced planning system consisting of no fewer than eight planning layers. During Supply Chain Media’s S&OP Selection Day, it became apparent that this makes Stichd much more flexible.

S&OP: The essential do’s and don’ts for Sales & Operations Planning

S&OP: The essential do’s and don’ts for Sales & Operations Planning Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is indispensable for all organizations with a sizeable goods flow, yet many companies struggle with it. We have put together an overview of essential do’s and don’ts. Hans van der Drift, a partner at Involvation, sees many European...

Key success factors when implementing IBP for supply chain resilience

The urgent need for supply chain resilience is becoming increasingly apparent in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, so it’s time to take action. In my view, IBP is a great place to start. But what should you bear in mind to ensure that the implementation is successful?

Ten common S&OP pitfalls

S&OP in the past years has been demystified and has become a mature process with many successful implementations. Companies reap the benefits in terms of higher revenues and margins and improved supply chain performance. We also know that getting there is not straightforward, mainly because S&OP is tactical and cross-functional. Most companies...